Welcome to my crappy world...

Welcome to my crappy world...
The inner landscape is often full of oxymorons...at least mine is!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

DLF IPL......mother of confusing excitement!

6.30 PM: Watching IPL match - Royal Challengers-Bengaluru vs Mumbai Indians at a cousin's place

6.40 PM: My baby sis(cousin/not so own..lol) tries to snatch the TV remote to change the channel

6.41 PM: My brother(own!) screams loud enough to shoo her off

6.43 PM: Dejected sis asks, "which team is ours?"

6.45 PM: My brother gives a what-the-hell look and grins," Bengaluru".

6.46 PM: My sis says "red or bleau?:-)"

6.47 PM: RCB lost a wicket and ma brother gives a all-because-of-u look and ma sis picks her nose and very gently places the matter found on ma brother's jeans{eeeeesh i saw it;-( }and satisfies her fungal revenge!

6.48PM: My sis repeats her question, "red or bleau?", this time looking at my father and my father replies "Red chinna"..pulling her nose which gave her some irritation and she picked her nose again![matter not found...phew!]

6.49 PM: My sis says,"But, our(Indian) team s always in bleau"!She spots Sachin in bleau and after her enlightenment screams, "hey c c Sachinnn is wearing bleauuu..that is our team..hahaha".

6.50PM: Commercial going on and still nobody has bothered to explain the poor baby..{I am a culprit too...but heyyyy the match was at it's most exciting phase!!!!!}

6.52PM: My sis with that "these fools dunno which team is ours" feel heads towards my aunt who was busy looking at the clock praying for the match to get over before her family drama soap!

6.53PM: Sis asks ma aunt," amma which team is ours?"
PS: My aunt has no own/not so own connection with IPL.

6.54PM: My aunt says, "I dunno..go wash ur face...my saree s getting spoilt..u have become very adamant these days"....[i dunno y ma cousin felt that her mom knew the answer :| ]....looking at her kid's restlessness she decides to put her thoughts as well as our thoughts to rest by saying "BOTH!" waaaaaaaaa....

6.55PM: My baby cousin runs upstairs!lololololol

7.00PM: RCB wins!!!!I was elated but when I saw my aunt's face, I dunno y the hell I wished for a tie!!!!!!

Errrrrrrrg...Now, I dunno whether my aunt was innocent or ignorant!
All the bengaluru supporters who are die-hard fans of Sachin will know exactly what went through my head!


  1. i can understand...only difference is that in my house, it's the soaps and not IPL...!

  2. hehehe..were the royal challengers BENGALURU even a team..nt ur cousins fault..the state cannot have a seperate team.. ;-)...she ought to gt confused bey... mugdha...

  3. baiky, sorry for u;-) and mogs u will always get wht-the-hell-look for such comments;-)