Welcome to my crappy world...

Welcome to my crappy world...
The inner landscape is often full of oxymorons...at least mine is!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Moral Flexibility;)

I really think "Moral flexibility" is one of the traits which need to be mentioned in my CV hereafter along with stuff like "Responsible", "Diligent", Blah blah.... My rules were very simple before I began working. You are bad- I am bad. You are good- I am very good (I get a little carried away ;-)). This was morality to me in its simplest form.

It happened so that I applied for leave last week and I had mentioned the dates denoting my leave of absence(it summed up to a week including 2 Sundays and a Saturday). But, (The volatile rules of English allows the usage of conjunctions in the beginning of the sentences provided the strong requirement of the same is justifiable and this one surely is) my boss who is so used to me not applying for leave didn't happen to see the dates and he assumed that I am only going for 3 days alike most of them in my office who are all localities damn it. Therefore, my leave was approved! Actually only my leave was approved. The rest had to go through some drama before they could pull it off.

Apparently, until today I thought that my boss was considerate enough to have noticed my sincerity in terms of attendance. But, (again the same rule) when it dawned to him that it was an approval given by accident he gave an expression which sucked all the expressions from my face and I had a blank one( Like the one I used to have during my oral exams back in school..lol).

I was praising him since a week before some of my colleagues saying that he knows who works sincerely and who doesn't. More importantly I felt all those unofficial adjustments I made regarding his attendance is all totally worth it. Now that I respect him due to his strong sense of conviction for almost everything, I can't hate him for this guilt filled leave sanction. So, I decided to expand my boundary of morality and decided not to apply that "you are bad- I am bad" policy. I believe subconsciously we all are morally flexible, but sometimes it makes you feel betrayed!