Welcome to my crappy world...

Welcome to my crappy world...
The inner landscape is often full of oxymorons...at least mine is!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

DLF IPL......mother of confusing excitement!

6.30 PM: Watching IPL match - Royal Challengers-Bengaluru vs Mumbai Indians at a cousin's place

6.40 PM: My baby sis(cousin/not so own..lol) tries to snatch the TV remote to change the channel

6.41 PM: My brother(own!) screams loud enough to shoo her off

6.43 PM: Dejected sis asks, "which team is ours?"

6.45 PM: My brother gives a what-the-hell look and grins," Bengaluru".

6.46 PM: My sis says "red or bleau?:-)"

6.47 PM: RCB lost a wicket and ma brother gives a all-because-of-u look and ma sis picks her nose and very gently places the matter found on ma brother's jeans{eeeeesh i saw it;-( }and satisfies her fungal revenge!

6.48PM: My sis repeats her question, "red or bleau?", this time looking at my father and my father replies "Red chinna"..pulling her nose which gave her some irritation and she picked her nose again![matter not found...phew!]

6.49 PM: My sis says,"But, our(Indian) team s always in bleau"!She spots Sachin in bleau and after her enlightenment screams, "hey c c Sachinnn is wearing bleauuu..that is our team..hahaha".

6.50PM: Commercial going on and still nobody has bothered to explain the poor baby..{I am a culprit too...but heyyyy the match was at it's most exciting phase!!!!!}

6.52PM: My sis with that "these fools dunno which team is ours" feel heads towards my aunt who was busy looking at the clock praying for the match to get over before her family drama soap!

6.53PM: Sis asks ma aunt," amma which team is ours?"
PS: My aunt has no own/not so own connection with IPL.

6.54PM: My aunt says, "I dunno..go wash ur face...my saree s getting spoilt..u have become very adamant these days"....[i dunno y ma cousin felt that her mom knew the answer :| ]....looking at her kid's restlessness she decides to put her thoughts as well as our thoughts to rest by saying "BOTH!" waaaaaaaaa....

6.55PM: My baby cousin runs upstairs!lololololol

7.00PM: RCB wins!!!!I was elated but when I saw my aunt's face, I dunno y the hell I wished for a tie!!!!!!

Errrrrrrrg...Now, I dunno whether my aunt was innocent or ignorant!
All the bengaluru supporters who are die-hard fans of Sachin will know exactly what went through my head!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I have a habit of scanning my blog every now and then to check if I have committed some "OMG" mistakes because by the time you pen your thoughts and post it, you ll b saying Ohhhh Myyyy Gawwwd( The Janice ishtyle @ F.R.I.E.N.D.S).
So, it is very human to commit such mistakes. Yesterday, I noticed that the most commonly used things in my posts r "lol" or "hehehe"!!!!
I started wondering y do we use them so often and I found only 2 reasons.

1. The writers/readers actually experience "laugh my ass off" situation while writing/reading something so they want the world to know.


2. It is just another higher degree of communicating the emotion of a less cool phrase "just kidding" expecting/hoping for the people to take whatever you have written in their stride!

I must admit that I have used these expressions mostly for the first reason, but have used it for the second one too at many instances...
Hmmm when you are using such social forums U gotta take care of some morons...lol ;-);-)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Ugadiiiiii

It is new year for kannadigas and if I am not wrong for Andhraites too... As a kid I was always enthralled prior to almost all the festivals be it Sankranti, Ugadi, Deepavali or Ganesha-Gauri fest.Firstly because there used to b a holiday and it was all fun to go for shopping with mum-dad to buy clothes (totally inappropriate for the occasions..lol). I strangely enjoyed (I still do unfortunately nobody believes:-( ) joining my mum in cleaning up stuff or in preparing some sweet dishes which require heavy labour (holige, yallu-bella,etc). The best part of the fest day would be "meeting-the-bhai bhandus" sessions! My dad s a firm believer in networking so he tried his best to enrich our social lives during those occasions( he has given up now:-))He always says you have to be amidst all kinda people (good, bad and humans) to know urself better. It made no sense to me then dad, but now I can't agree with you more on that.

To be honest, I used to enjoy this milna julna with some of my relatives and lots of family friends till I finished my ninth class.I still remember people preparing me mentally for my board exams by giving horror trailors so I decided to meet them all only after my tenth.Luckily I fetched some decent marks but the interface level got worse with my promotion. It was my second year of pre-university and it was kinda mandatory for me to get into some reputed engineering or medical college for my parents to escape all the sarcasm. Luckily sailed through that too(though had to face many twists, turns and total suspense) How I cursed having so many engineers and doctors to be of my age in my family and friends!

Then it was time to score distinction come what may; else you are next to the non biodegradable waste found in the city corporation pit (actually sounds better in kannada-"CARporation kasad thotti" =)) ) I managed to get that too! It was like constant exposure to unwanted radiations causing irritations in head and throat. May be that s the reason I treasure my post graduation days as I was away from all of this ( I pity my parents though who had to take all the torture). Though I hardly cared, I had to put on pretence because my mum thought if I am rude I won't get marriage offers:|

YES! That is the next stage of irritation....I just finished my post graduation (Thanks to my dad for not getting inspired by almost all the fellowdads who were marrying off their born-to-be-bride daughters soon after they learnt to drape a saree...in that case dad u ve to wait for quite some time as i still dunno...hehe...and my condolences to those who were guilt-tripped)

Very few people are interested to know about my job profile or my company..All they want to know is when my dad is ready to shell out most of his hard earned money on feeding thousands of them that I'll be introduced to me on my marriage!

Hilariously if my parents don't say "we are searching", there is something fishy in our vegetarian kitchen...lol..
Not three but tons of cheers to all those sane people who experience joy when they see yet-to-marry ambitious gals chasing their dreams!

Considering the feminist point of view, which supports equality of men and women in all aspects I ve something to say..." I have just crossed the minimum age required for a guy to marry!"Phew!!!!

For all the marriage crazy people, I too am a die-hard fan of movies like "Father of the bride I & II, Big fat Greek wedding, etc"; I too have grown up imagining (alike most of the south gals) walking in a Kanchivaram saree with little gold(a slight contradiction=)) towards the man of my dreams and reality before those thousands who are dying to decide my worth by looking at the gold or my looks!:D...( the last phrase s what we call "dreams struck with reality")

It is just that for all practical reasons I want to have more of my spinster's share!!!(spinster-A person whose occupation is spinning according to the online dictionary..lolololol)

For all the people who are comparing this post to some Hindi movie whose title has no/little connection with the content, I am back to remind you the title- "HAPPY UGADI"-May all your personal and professional wishes come true at the right time=)=)

ಯುಗಾದಿ ಹಬ್ಬದ ಆರ್ಥಿಕ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು!(for my kannada critic=))

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My hangover!

As on today I feel I have just washed hands of my life's best time. I must have felt like this when i finished my school, when my glorious pre university days culminated tragically (but luckily landed into my genre), when I had to leave my city for post graduation so on and so forth...But, the rest of the times it was merely because I had to sacrifice my comfort zone for something new which was still in my manageable circuit...whereas, my experience in a new city amongst totally new people without my parents to handle my feiry outbursts(well they have handed over the baton to somebody now..hehe...) has given me everything I wanted(as if I ever knew wht I wanted..lol)...

I ll miss my gang "vegetative proposals" the most! mostly because of the crazy routine we shared...can't get enough of those "gyanful" chats over tea at tappari after lunch/dinner....can't get enough of those tireless plans we made to explore as many places as we can...(plz note we made it to goa including many other chota mota trips! One of the BEST trips of my life)...can't get enough of those decisions regarding restaurants we had to make to fulfill all our needs...(My VEG food and others' non veg food and other non family stuff for others..lol)...can't get enough of those comments we used to pass on eachother...love you guys!

My flat and lotus days still haunt me...I ll miss you ICUUU:) whenever I ll need to speak non-stop over anything and everything without "editing"...we will still speak very frequently through our blogs, but the audio version won't b available that frequently..nevermind at least we both should never crib..lol:-)
Tejiiiiiiiiiiii....I ve started calling my brother nalayak but he doesn't respond like u..u see he s not a libran...hehehe...miss speaking to u too and for god's sake stop sending me ur comments on my id and directly comment on my blog ufff... palluuuuu it was really nice knowing you..stay in touch bullu...:)
I ll miss all the playful irritations i used to cause to purrrrrr...

I ll miss hanging out at panda's place okie okie hogging at panda's place.....3 cheers to the sin-city!!!!
My mom s more stringent about timings than our "baala" but look at the irony...I ve extreme emotions for both  :-D
I think the biggest alchemy of my life after NICMAR will be w.r.t bunking:(:( i can never bunk work...hmmm....

Nevertheless, looking at the brighter side now i ve HOME FOOD to relish (for few months though)!!!!

I can think of only one quote at this time...

"When i was young I was sure of everything; in a few years, having been mistaken a thousand times, I was not half so sure of most things as I was before; at present, I am hardly sure of anything but what God has revealed to me" - John Wesley

Cheers to the known and unknown!!!!