Welcome to my crappy world...

Welcome to my crappy world...
The inner landscape is often full of oxymorons...at least mine is!

Friday, December 25, 2009

"the thing is, I had already taught you this!"

I dunno which word to use-fascination or obsession to describe her association with the colour red! She teaches land and property management at our institute and looks like a fireball. Red attire (always!) and red hair (orange towards the tips) and there is something else (which i m not able to recollect)makes her look like a burning star (even while drinking water) fuelling herself for noisier explosions. Actually, she has many similarities with the fireball of our solar system. She rises in the morning and sets only after the snacks get over in the canteen... to avoid her UV rays, you have to sit at the back so that you will b protected by a thick layer of bright and highly tolerant marati/non marati students (nothing racist intended). The title of this article is her favourite phrase!
She cannot digest our answers and eventually ends up puking them with hilarious expressions and noises...In the beginning we used to get offended by her reactions, but now we answer just to witness the comedy...
As a kid i always thought that people with surname "Reddy" have something to do with the colour red(no offence to Reddy community..plz note tht one of my best frens is a highly influential Reddy:-))Just recalling my innocent thoughts, i feel her surname should haven been Reddy too!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Am i less tolerant or am i just looking for easy going people???

I believe in god. But, when highly imaginative species say that god watches you "all the time", I am not quite sure what to say...Well three things I am really passionate about which doesn't even harm others always find stumbling blocks...Always!
1. Sleep (when I sleep well, I wake up happy and when I wake up happy I make people around me happy... I do try to make people happy even when I m not but, that's a bit ultra-feminine so I will stick to the former)
2. FOOD (when I eat well I burp the air of happiness and after I do that silently I make people around me happy in short I follow "eat and let eat"...for all those who are voluntarily coughing I don't grab others' food provided it's unrestricted...:-)and for all those who grab my food, you have no idea how much I curse you :-)..)
3. Loved ones (too personal to discuss)
Speaking about the stumbling blocks, I was just disturbed from one of the many deep sleeps. I will not be doing justice to the feel by explaining it. Nevertheless, I will try. It's like your cerebrum is being massaged by the god(s) of sleep and some familiar voice (noise-pun intended) hits the brain with reinforced concrete hammers and that sound reaches your ear drums and screams "SCREAM BACK". This message might have come from the left brain. However, the right one (a little emotional one) says "CALM DOWN ∧ go back to sleep, the noise will fade away...".Hostel life is good, really good except for the fascination of people for ultra romantic Hindi songs (at full volume) played mostly during odd times. The song supported by voice box exploiters simply serves to be a cherry on an egg less cake! Most of them sleep during nights and some of them sleep during AFTERNOONS too! Please note people...I have used "scream back" weapon in the past only to know that it works only for 24 hours..with each new day there is a new song, and there is a new material of hammer smashing my brain...
Some problems just seem to be immortal!
Hope god is watching this...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The one which doesn't rhyme at all

Darkness spreads so does the silence
Silence appearing ceaseless just before the discord
shimmering colors unattainable;
dreams unbelievable in the day's light
traffic too dissolving into the stillness
driving in the breeze
which curls through my hair
strangely symbolizing freedom
the joy of thinking nothing
just brushing the fresh air
all seeming to stay forever
the moon throwing a dim light through the dark
inviting dormancy to the slumber-land
night's dream intoxicating the negatives
the most wonderful feel without,
being conscious of the feel
darkness is not all the dark after all
reality in its most unrealistic form
shattering the doors of the impossible

nothing...just had a wonderful ride :)

Love u maa....

Freedom never came in lump-sum
My dreams often crushed by her reality
Warnings and assurances, she was always in duality
Weak I thought she was
Because I thought I knew her

She was alone when she got me
Perhaps alone even while getting me
Things were done at her back thinking she would never hack
But never realized that she led me from the back
Suspicious I thought she was
Because I thought I knew her

I always wanted her to work like other mothers
But could never tolerate her absence just like all those fathers
I wanted her to be everything what I was not
Constrained I thought she was
Because I thought I knew her

By the virtue of age, I am now a woman
But to be a woman like her,
I have miles and miles to go
Strong I think she is,
Because i feel, now I know her!

Friday, December 18, 2009


Confused smell, pro-skid canteen floors
looking for someone you know
smiling at those you wanna know
fill voids in my mind
benches abandoned, giving it up for mosquitoes
"survival of the fittest" applies here
cursing the door which locks you up every night
nursing the dreams under the moon's light
"The walks" down the lane
some to hold hands
some to burn the fat
fill voids in my mind
I peep into the empty classrooms
missing the screams of joy
I look at all the addas,
where love was declared and broken
all creating pungent emotions
I peep into the eyes of my friends
without them peeping into mine
they all look so busy
their new dreams far from mine and glazy
how i miss the joy of being lazy
they say it is now the time to fight the world
the real one it seems...
As i walk alone to the large gates
glancing at everything that belonged to me
realizing that they will no longer be mine
create voids in my mind...