Welcome to my crappy world...

Welcome to my crappy world...
The inner landscape is often full of oxymorons...at least mine is!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Random Roommate theory

Seldom you feel the need to wake up early to rejuvenate your outlook and revive your beliefs. Shocked were my parents and so was my homogeneous roommate when they learnt about my extreme step of saluting the Sun when its rising. Well this post is not about my rejuvenation, its about random roommate theory(something like big bang:-))

In a new city, when everything feels alien to your conscience you don't get to choose your roommates. You are meant to be with that bunch. So, I randomly met my roommates on a random street on a random day & finally decided to stay with them on a totally random basis.It so happened that the days to come were filled with joy, sharing, laughter, envy, tolerance, intolerance & crimes:-)

Yesterday one of my roommates' marriage got fixed and she shall be leaving us soon. So, I randomly realized this early morning that the days spent together can be paralleled with the survival of the fittest paradigm. There have been days I have felt like I have had the time of my life and there have been days I felt like packing my bags  & leaving without notice. It's only now that I have envisaged the good fortune of only exchanging cold vibes at the times of great crisis. I remember being asked once about the stream of communication I'd prefer- written or oral. I couldn't decide then, but I feel there wouldn't have been a better time than now to know that its written (for a sole reason that I have anger management issues) because it helps you appear sorted though you are not.
Fortunately, I've always shared a comfortable bond with all my roommates so far except for a racism fanatic and a pachyderm:-). The reason I feel I can attend all their weddings without any setbacks is that I have vented it out when my inner peace was under trouble and I have pumped in love and humor when it had even crossed the oxygen content in my blood. The means I have opted to vent out may be considered as hypocrisy by all the idealists as I subconsciously and consciously relied on back fence talks.
How Could she...?
How can anyone do that...?
I do not understand....Its out of my comprehensive orbit...
& the likes.....
Nonetheless, I have adored them & I still do:-)

Its a situation when you realize that its best that you swear to god to keep the dark secrets that you coldly witness in the dark hoping that yours will be buried too without making you feel blameworthy. Its a sacred oath & applies fairly & largely on roommates. Any intention of trying it on others is totally one's own liability for it may result in a total random success or otherwise.

So, my conclusion of the random roommate theory is that one needs short term memory or should have friends whose memory lapses randomly, mercy and lots of humor to survive and survive happily amidst the bundles of contradictions!
So so so now follows the sacred adult slogan for all those who have had random roommates....

" We spit in the same bowl,
   We shit in the same hole,
   Only we know where one has got his/her mole!"

Dedicated to Haathi, Piggu & Icu..:-)


  1. Oh so sweet... :D.. i liked the caption of all.. rest was u know me.. :D....

  2. haaahhhhaaa :) :) Goodd 1 Good 1....! mo words to say...! searching for the like option...!! Good 1 good 1....Keep it up!!!!! :)

  3. ha ha :) good one thilpaaa !!! the last few lines takes the cake and the resulting output too :P so u will be missing one of ur sources of entertainment !!! will be replaced soon by random roommate occupation .. atb !

  4. last three lines... awesome..!

  5. Thanku Duvi...visited ur blog...liked it:)