Welcome to my crappy world...

Welcome to my crappy world...
The inner landscape is often full of oxymorons...at least mine is!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My hangover!

As on today I feel I have just washed hands of my life's best time. I must have felt like this when i finished my school, when my glorious pre university days culminated tragically (but luckily landed into my genre), when I had to leave my city for post graduation so on and so forth...But, the rest of the times it was merely because I had to sacrifice my comfort zone for something new which was still in my manageable circuit...whereas, my experience in a new city amongst totally new people without my parents to handle my feiry outbursts(well they have handed over the baton to somebody now..hehe...) has given me everything I wanted(as if I ever knew wht I wanted..lol)...

I ll miss my gang "vegetative proposals" the most! mostly because of the crazy routine we shared...can't get enough of those "gyanful" chats over tea at tappari after lunch/dinner....can't get enough of those tireless plans we made to explore as many places as we can...(plz note we made it to goa including many other chota mota trips! One of the BEST trips of my life)...can't get enough of those decisions regarding restaurants we had to make to fulfill all our needs...(My VEG food and others' non veg food and other non family stuff for others..lol)...can't get enough of those comments we used to pass on eachother...love you guys!

My flat and lotus days still haunt me...I ll miss you ICUUU:) whenever I ll need to speak non-stop over anything and everything without "editing"...we will still speak very frequently through our blogs, but the audio version won't b available that frequently..nevermind at least we both should never crib..lol:-)
Tejiiiiiiiiiiii....I ve started calling my brother nalayak but he doesn't respond like u..u see he s not a libran...hehehe...miss speaking to u too and for god's sake stop sending me ur comments on my id and directly comment on my blog ufff... palluuuuu it was really nice knowing you..stay in touch bullu...:)
I ll miss all the playful irritations i used to cause to purrrrrr...

I ll miss hanging out at panda's place okie okie hogging at panda's place.....3 cheers to the sin-city!!!!
My mom s more stringent about timings than our "baala" but look at the irony...I ve extreme emotions for both  :-D
I think the biggest alchemy of my life after NICMAR will be w.r.t bunking:(:( i can never bunk work...hmmm....

Nevertheless, looking at the brighter side now i ve HOME FOOD to relish (for few months though)!!!!

I can think of only one quote at this time...

"When i was young I was sure of everything; in a few years, having been mistaken a thousand times, I was not half so sure of most things as I was before; at present, I am hardly sure of anything but what God has revealed to me" - John Wesley

Cheers to the known and unknown!!!!


  1. "like it" facebook style.. nice one agn..u have consistency baap...there is special mention of food always... ;)...

  2. its gud meow meow!..... same untold n unwritten thougts!. lovely one!.....

  3. at last u confessed that u troubled a lot 2 me...sadu...bt its nice...hav touch of our hostel..

  4. hey there are two consistent points amongst your posts - food and cribbing or rather trying to make up after every "crib"...but I like it anyway...cheers to more "non family" stuff!

  5. viny and purrr thnku...
    vinay and baiky how can i miss out FOOD??????
    and i don't crib:P

  6. I cant help but put a check on your 'lol' expression each time you have used it in all the posts.(I have read all these posts after reading your most recent post). So it clearly shows you have put me in the morons list. Not really offended ;-)

    Anyways, ya 'editting' highlighted in my part...Jus remember, i ll neva forgive you for wat you have done that night bringing all the 7 gals to my room and worse, with a camera in your hand...I must admit you have made my temper break the strings sometimes..I truly miss all that now :(

    And shilpa for heavens sake, put this damned word-verification thing off.I sometimes doubt if i suffer from dyslexia

  7. hahahaha...I m sure none of us will forget all those crazy stuff:D...C I put everything at check -ur temper, ur eyesight..hehhe...gal miss ya too...:)

  8. n d oiling ur hair part.. i use 2 hate it bt stil do it 4 u nalayak.. haha..

  9. haha yeah...nikki u really think i didn't knw tht u didn't like..:P