Welcome to my crappy world...

Welcome to my crappy world...
The inner landscape is often full of oxymorons...at least mine is!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Of late, a lot of things have been happening which have forced most of the fellas and fell(i)s to open up their minds to the some of the silliest things ignored in our daily lives!(including me! But, in this article we will be concentrating only on me)we have been hearing about the harmful consequences of using plastic bags, but very few places in our country strictly prohibit the usage.

Human behaviour is hilariously complex and some of us claim to be simple. With each passing day and my hypothesis getting challenged each day, I am realizing that for everything, there exists a theory of relativity. So when somebody says he/she is simple, it simply means that he/she is less complicated than some people. Okiez after all that free gyan let me come back to the point. I thought I was very Eco-friendly because I switch off my room lights before I leave, I don't use fans unnecessarily, I don't leave the tap open when I am brushing looking at my eyebrows in the mirror, I don't smoke (& I abuse my smoker frens that they read the message "smoking is injurious to health" on the cigarette pack and still buy them and screw up their health...u should check out when I am doing that..I am no less than Ektha Kapoor serial heroines..hehehe!), etc. But, an incident recently made me realize that I am still one of those many who play blame game on day to day basis and choose to ignore them very proudly.

It was a Sunday afternoon and it was burning hot. I went to a supermarket to buy my stationary and bought lots of them. After billing, the female at the counter looks at me and says "u can take this paper bag if u want because plastic bags have been banned in Pune and it costs 35 rupeez". I started abusing her as though it was my fundamental right to use plastic bags and poor lady kept on saying sorry madam till i stopped! When I turned back, I got some really dirty looks by fellow customers(hope they don't recognize me ever!).

We humans get so used to certain things that when we are deprived of them, we go crazy. when I told about this incident to my dad, he reminded me that long back when I was a budding revolutionary, after seeing usage of paper bags in Ooty I had commented that "y don't they use paper bags everywhere? Our government is useless". Phew! I didn't know what to say, but still it was the question of my pride so I replied, "they should have made prior announcements so that people can go prepared"(my dad had obviously expected this from me so he just grinned).

If you too are using plastic bags/bottles, please reduce the usage as recycling of plastic is not all that advantageous. Recycled plastics are used to make non recyclable products such as T-shirts, plastic lumber. This means more raw materials need to be used to make new plastic bottles than is the case with easily recycled material such as glass, tin or bio degradable plastic.

This incident is a fine example to support the fact that going green is a little expensive initially, which I believe is one of the reasons behind apprehensions of people to switch to green practices be it something as huge as green buildings or something as small as paper bags! However, I hope that everybody wakes up to truth that global warming is really warning us and it's no fun to play with the nature. So, to celebrate my realization regarding plastic bags I decided to paint my nails green :):):) So at this green hour, I thought of blogging about this!


  1. I am quite happy that the incident made you understand about yourself better, and of course i was expecting the counter defense of not announcing and all.. he he... anyways its neat blog. going green is awesome, but i would like to tell you that please don't be under impression that green buildings are the greenest thing that can happen or done. just think about it, i am sure you will end up writing on that as well after few years. i am sure your approach of painting green nails wont be a waste as you can work as sustainability co-coordinator which is now next huge thing(hot topics listed in MEED) in middle east. all the best!!!

  2. hey did u wirte this article to paint ur nails green or fr the real green realization u wanted to bring abt in ppl ;-)...
    nice blog asusual..

  3. thnku both for ur neat comments:) girissss will take ur proposal in my future blog..and mogs sometimes things you wanna do for timepass becomes coincidental with important things!